Disney: The Never Girls: From the Mist ; Book Review

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What do you do when you have a five-year old at a fourth/fifth grade reading level? At the beginning of the summer, I began the long hard task of finding appropriate novels for my daughter to read. We spent a great deal of time and money picking out longer picture books, only to have her read through them on the short car ride home. Chapter books either had a mature (preteen) tone, or did not look visually appealing to our little bookworm. Then I heard about the Disney: Never Girls series. After flipping through reviews to make sure it was age appropriate I let my eager little one go wild to see if it stood up to her scrutiny.

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It’s Giveaway time! Never Girls Box Set!

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I am so excited to bring you The Northern Mousettes first ever GIVEAWAY!!!

The best part is that it is a Disney giveaway.

Ok folks, so I have been searching for a great book series for my daughter for a long time and I have been looking at the Never Girls Series! (I will be reviewing a book from the series soon!)
So naturally when Random House Canada contacted me about being involved with a giveaway for the entire boxed set I had to jump at the opportunity!

This giveaway is happening in conjunction with the  “Never Girls #4 From the Mist” book release!

So what is the Never Girls?

“Far away from the world we know, on the distant seas of dreams, lies an island called Never Land. It is a place full of magic, where mermaids sing, fairies play, and children never grow up. Adventures happen every day, and anything is possible.

There are two ways to reach Never Land. One is to find the island yourself. The other is for it to find you. Finding Never Land on your own takes a lot of luck and a pinch of fairy dust. Even then, you will only find the island if it wants to be found.

But every once in a while, Never Land opens its doors to a special few. Believing in magic and fairies from the bottom of your heart can make the extraordinary happen. If you suddenly hear tiny bells or feel a sea breeze where there is no sea, pay careful attention. Never Land may be close by. You could find yourself there in a blink of an eye.

One day, four special girls came to Never Land in just this way. This is their story.”

So here are the deets on entering the giveaway. Below is the rafflecopter widget. You have to do different things such as follow different bloggers/random house on twitter and pinterest etc. It is not hard! The dates to get your entries in are from now until Tuesday October the 8th! This is open to all residents of the USA and Canada! (not Quebec 🙁 Sorry guys)

I can’t wait to dive into my copy!


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Don’t let a little fracture get you down!

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My friend (also my boss) is off work with an injury and she is making the most of it.  (Artwork on cast done by her friend) Can’t wait for her to get back to work but glad to see she is still having fun!

Wordless Wednesday

From Shaun Groves Blog: http://shaungroves.com/2013/06/bending-for-treasure-in-the-trash/
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Compassion International is currently taking a group of bloggers with them to see their operations in Nicaragua.The first images are heart warming and chilling.

They left me with no words.

Please read for yourself and consider sponsorship.

Bending for treasure in the Trash- By Shaun Groves

Marco’s Story- by Faithful Provisions